• Local repeater and frequency list.
    If you don’t have a radio-load for your radio…this is an excellent place to start. It lists common simplex frequencies, most of the local repeaters with their offsets and CTCSS tones, as well as repeaters that are relatively close by.
  • Utah Wide-Area Coverage Repeaters
    This is not a complete list of all repeaters in Utah. It is a list of repeaters that have very good coverage, due to their location, and should be readily accessible should you find yourself in a different part of the State. You should keep a paper copy of this list in your go kit.
  • Army Publication 6-02.53, Techniques for Tactical Radio
    This is an excerpt from the US Army manual that is an excellent source for field operation, as well as completing antenna repairs in the field
  • Small Transmitting Loop Antenna Calculator
    For those who need ANOTHER antenna project. 🙂
  • USC Title 47 Part 97
    The laws governing amateur radio.